Full-Length Plays

  • The Bones of Giants
    The story of two paleontologists and a rivalry that destroys not only their friendship, but their work and reputations – as told by P.T. Barnum. Commissioned by Ensemble Studio Theatre through the EST/ Sloan Project.
  • Carefully Taught
    The story of an African American and a White school teacher whose friendship and lives are affected when a racial issue arises at their school. What happens when race is something you “just don’t talk about”?
  • Cover Girls
    An adaptation of Bishop T.D. Jakes’s novel of the same name. The story of four women and the way their lives and religious beliefs intertwine and clash in today’s world. Commissioned and toured by ClearChannel USA.
  • Dementia Americana
    A play about a beautiful young princess, her handsome psychotic prince, and the wonderful old wizard who stood between them – or, in other words, the story of Evelyn Nesbit, Harry K. Thaw, Stanford White and the Murder of the (Last) Century.
  • Maid’s Door
    The story of a family pushed to the breaking point as they struggle to save their beloved matriarch from being robbed of a glorious present by ghosts from her past.
    2014 AUDELCO Award Winner!
  • By Oscar Micheaux
    The (mostly) true story of Oscar Micheaux, one of the first African American filmmakers. He was a man who recreated himself and the newborn American film industry in the name of “uplifting the Race.” Against all odds, Micheaux became a successful playwright, novelist and director of over 40 films in segregated, early 20th century America. Presented by the Milk Can Theatre Company.
  • Phillis: A Slave to Poetry
    A play about the poet slave Phillis Wheatley, her journey to London, and the question of freedom.
  • Ruling Passions
    The story of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn – and Catherine of Aragon.
  • Swimming Uptown
    The story of a Samantha Alexander, an educated and affluent African American woman who has her world turned upside down when her sister is imprisoned and she must look after her teenaged niece Tiya. In attempting to cope with the chaos her life has become, Samantha is forced to reconnect with her family — and herself. Originally a 10 minute play presented as part of Milk Can Theatre’s The Potluck Plays, the full-length version has received one of the company’s Scene Herd Uddered presentations.

Educational/Children’s Theater

  • The Color of Justice
    The story of a courageous young girl and a great warrior for justice and their battle for equal rights. Commissioned, presented, and toured by Theatreworks/USA.
    Cheryl has made presentations to school and other groups in connection with this play.
  • The Real Ma Rainey
    The “real” story of Gertrude “Ma” Rainey; an hour-long presentation commissioned and presented by the Cleveland PlayHouse in connection with its production of August Wilson’s “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”.
  • Tuxedo Junction
    Tuxedo Junction, which was commissioned by the Birmingham Children’s Theatre, tells the story of renowned Alabama jazz musician Erskine Hawkins. The hour-long play takes Hawkins from his youthful visits to the real Tuxedo Junction area of Birmingham (which was famous for its music), to his writing the WWII hit song “Tuxedo Junction”, which was played around the world.
  • Winnie the Pooh KIDS
    A ½ hour version of the classic story, to be performed by children. To be licensed by Disney Theatrical Group starting in 2011.

Short Pieces

  • BMW
    After taking his fiancée to meet his obsessive compulsive mother, David begins to realize the girl he plans to marry is more like his mom than he realizes. A story about love, enabling, silverware and Googlemaps.
    One of the Milk Can Theatre Company’s The Disorder Plays in 2010. Nominated for a 2010 Innovative Theatre Award as “Outstanding Short Script”.
  • Child of the Movement
    A ten minute play about a young girl who desperately wants to help the Civil Rights Movement. Produced as part of the Estrogenius Festival.

    The one play that stands out is Davis’s “Child of the Movement,” also based on a true story, on that of Claudette Colvin, a 15-year-old girl from Montgomery, one who preceded Rosa Parks’s involvement with the NAACP, but who was ultimately cast out for being “one of the bad ones” on account of her pregnancy to an older, married man. In this single focused scene, we see Girl (Ashleigh Murray) at her strongest–a true activist–and at her weakest, defending herself against the NAACP chair (Tom Southern) who admires her spirit and despises her situation. It’s Murray’s fault (if you can call it that) that the rest of the short plays seem so weak. She so embodies the shining truth of her role, speaking out loudly and boldly, that it exposes the shallowness of everything before it.
    Read the full review »

  • Maid’s Door
    A ten minute play about a maid, her family, and the meaning of a door.Now also a full-length play.
  • Peace and Understanding
    For Dick and Jane, a trip to the 1964 World’s Fair brings their relationship into focus. Presented as one of the Milk Can Theatre Company’s Five Borough Plays.
  • Pride
    Is pride a sin or a virtue? Amadea, Mike, Willow and Dante, four contemporary urbanites, deal with a medieval question. One of the Seven Sins in Sixty Minutes. Presented at the HERE Arts Center in July 2010, and as part of the Philadelphia Fringe in September 2010.
  • The Lamp’s Lit
    The night before her son’s return to Elsinore, Queen Gertrude is haunted. Presented as one of the Milk Can Theatre Company’s The Hamlet Plays.
  • The Sense of Genius
    The Sense of Genius looks at the disconnect between genius and the everyday. The same gifts that enabled the scientist Archimedes to change his world also made him unable to live in it.
    Presented as one of the Milk Can Theatre Company’s The Science Plays.
  • The Virgin
    A ten minute play set in Victorian England about a young girl, her mother, and a secret. Performed as part of the Estrogenius Festival.


  • Barnstormer
    Before Amelia Earhart, there was Bessie Coleman – and Barnstormer tells her story. Cheryl received the Kleban Award for this libretto, and the Lark Theatre Company received the Jonathan Larson Award to support its development of this piece. It has received a developmental production at the Red Mountain Theatre in Birmingham, Alabama, and readings at the York Theater Company, the Lark Play Development Center, and Stamford Center for the Arts; it has also received a BareBones presentation at the Lark Play Development Center, a reading as part of Hartford Stage’s “Brand:NEW” Festival, and was presented as part of the National Alliance for Musical Theater’s 2008 Festival.
    Script and demo tape/CD available on request.
  • JED
    A family musical based upon the Coretta Scott King Award-winning book and Reading Rainbow favorite, “Uncle Jed’s Barbershop”, written by Margaree King Mitchell and illustrated by James Ransome.
  • Sugar Dumpling
    A full length musical inspired by Guy de Maupassant’s Boule de Suif, set during the American Civil War. The story of a Confederate war widow turned prostitute and a Yankee soldier. They had nothing in common except war, death – and the desire to find peace. Script and demo tape available on request.
  • The Ballad of Rom and Julz
    Rom is a transitioning F2M public school playa chasing private school tail & dealing T to the athletes. When Julz, reigning queen of Verona Academy, falls for Rom, boundaries between public/private, male/female, and love/hate erode. Book by Andrea Lepcio, lyrics by Cheryl L. Davis, music by Brooke Fox. Received a concert reading as part of 2010 Summerscape at Bard College.